Orelo+ Hearing Protector headphone series aim to cancel the ambient noise with active noise cancellation technology to allow users to enjoy music in any setting. It protects users from irreversible hearing loss when exposed to sound levels over 85 decibels (dB) for a prolonged period of time. Our patented hearing protection algorithm gradually adjusts the sound level to under 85 dB.

Orelo+ Hearing Protector APP is exclusive work with same brand Hearing Protector headphone series and will not work properly with other brand headsets. Our patented hearing protection algorithm will not work and connect with other brand headsets.

You could un-lock the Volume Lock with the Hearing Protector APP while the daily maximum listening limit has been reached. If you skip the Volume Lock once, the APP will still adjust the sound levels under 85dB gradually with our patented algorithm unless you keep un-locking. Continuously listens to high-decibel sound might damage your hearing.

The company provides deco-plate customized and personalized services. Damage caused by man-made scratches or improper usage is not included in the warranty.

The company provides deco-plate customized and personalized services. Damage caused by man-made scratches or improper usage is not included in the warranty.

HPP Wireless ANC Headphones utilizes both active and passive noise cancellation, which provides users’ a complete noise-cancelling experience.
Active Noise Cancelling:
P102 (Neckband) uses feed-forward ANC with mic on outside of earphones.
P103 (headset) uses feedback ANC with mic inside ear cup.
Through our patented technology and algorithm, we are able to provide an effective ANC. Our system is able to detect all changes in the environment, and perform real-time computing to create signals that cancel out the noise.

Passive Noise Cancelling:
It is achieved through our design of ear pads (cushion) and ear tips, which takes into consideration of not only material but also mechanical designs. Secluding users from the environment with good seal, allows passive noise cancelling to be accomplished.

Please pair your mobile device with Hearing Protector headphone in order to activate the hearing protection function. Press and hold power button until the LED indicator light flashes blue, entering pairing mode. The blue LED indicator flashes slower after it is connected to the device successfully.
Please be notice that:
• After pairing a mobile device, launch the Hearing Protector APP and follow the on-screen instructions.
• The Hearing Protector headphone will automatically turn off when it is not connected to any device for more than 5 minutes in pairing mode.
• When the active noise cancellation is on, the Hearing Protector headphone won’t power off.

Please use the USB charging cable that comes with our product package. The USB charging cable could be accepted by all global voltage / volt charging transformer.
The charging completion time may vary according to the voltage of each country.

For your safety, all Bluetooth headphones will not play while charging. Please keep the headphone away from water, fire and high-intensity magnetic induction area during charging.

You could play and listen with Hearing Protector P102 with Bluetooth up to 12 hours with full charging. As for Hearing Protector P103, you could play and listen with it even up to 23 hours with full charging. For your hearing protection, please wear the headphone correctly according to the user guide that comes with the package.

You could still enjoy your music while the indicator one headphone shows battery low. Please charge your headphone as soon as possible.

It is recommended to wipe with a wet soft cloth (such as wet flannel with clean water). If you wipe the headphone with alcohol, please be very gentle and caution.

To report a defect, please contact your original sales outlets or send an email to service@fulicare.com. If the problem cannot be solved over the official office website: www.oreloplus.com or by e-mail, you will be given a case number and referred to technicians at an authorized service center in your area. Please provide proves of purchase or original receipt for service and maintenances or complete your purchase information at www.oreloplus.com within 30 days to extend warranty service one year from the purchase date.

The Hearing Protector P102 package contains three types of ear-cushions (S/M/L). Please choose the right size of ear-cushions that most fit to avoid hurting your ear canal or causing loose off easily.

For customization, please send an email to service@fulicare.com. We will referral your request to cooperated partners within China and Taiwan region. For other area, please contact your local dealer for details. The warranty does not apply to non-authorized customization or modification, alteration, transformation of the unit, or any improper usage.

The Bluetooth connection distance is about 10 meters, it is recommended to connect as close to the audio source as possible for better connectivity and performance.