Make Listening Safe by WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.1 billion young people worldwide could be at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices. Nearly 50% are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from the use of personal audio devices. The increased accessibility and use of personal audio devices for listening to music is coupled with the use at high volume and for long durations, and such risk-associated behaviors can permanently damage hearing capacity. Safe listening levels depend on the intensity, duration, and frequency of the exposure. 85 decibels is considered the highest safe exposure level up to a maximum of 8 hours.







【Hearing Columns】
Excellent sound quality is essential and noise cancellation is a key to a good headphone.
For example, what is the most impressive noise so loud that you can’t stand? Or, the sound is so harsh that you couldn’t response to any sound in a second or react slower than usual? People who travel in different cities expose themselves under noisy environment in a long period. Those noises are not just from the planes running but also all kinds of sounds that influence for resting. Moreover, you would hear noises on the way to work, taking metro or buses. These noises not only put you in bad mood but also damage the hearing. In general, you may block the sound / noises from three aspects, the sound source, way of spreading, and receiving to the ears. The noise generated by the public transportation deserve people’s attention because it usually generates the noise over 85 dB. Whoever stays under such noise level in a long time period will damage hearing. To reduce the noises caused by the public transportation couldn’t be done overnight. Instead of expecting the transformation of public transportation or cutting routes of noise spreading, it’s more practical to solve noise problem through ears receiving. No matter it’s short or long journey, you always see people wearing headphones in the transportation. In fcat, headphones become most of people’s choice to reduce the ambient noise. Headphones not only help people relieve the pressure but also avoid disturbance by unwanted sound during the journey. The noise cancellation function of a headphone is divided into two types,  active noise control and passive noise control. The active noise control is to emit a sound wave with inverted phase to the original outer sound through active noise control to effectively cancel each other out – an effect which is called destructive interference. Passive noise control is to surround ears to form a confined space or adopt silicon earplugs to block the outer noises. Fulicare P103 Headphone adopts Feedback ANC with microphone installed inside of the headphone. Fulicare P103 performs active noise control through complicated patented electronic components and Algorithm. Electronic system detects sounds in most environment ,and then measures, compars, and reacts in real time for microphones emit inverted phase signals to cancel ambient noise. Passive noise control performs noise control through mechanic design of ear muffs and ear cushions and skin friendly materials. What is hearing care? Fulicare P103 not only performs active noise control but also keeps the sound level without bad effect to health via smart volume cl. Don ’t think good quality sound would always stay the same. No matter how marvelous the sound is, it would be silent as the air if you lost sensitive hearing.  
【Hearing Columns】
Hearing care is as important as body care
Hearing care is as important as body care. Moreover, there’s no cure for hearing loss as it’s irreversible damage. The idea of hearing loss sounds irrelevant with us. In fact, there’re quite a lot of people are unaware that they appear to have hearing loss symptom. There’s a simple way to self-test to see whether you have hearing loss or not. Hearing loss is a continuing descending process. During the process, the brain will repair the sound at certain level which is similar to the process of brain tonic when you couldn’t hear the sound well. When you find out the sound for one ear is apparently different from the other, it proves that the previous repair done by the brain for the damaged ear is no longer clear. It means that the hearing loss of the damaged ear has reached certain level. earing loss for people isn’t just a problem. When it comes with symptoms, such as tinnitus and earache, these symptoms are the early warning. When these symptoms appear, it’s necessary to visit the doctor in time to prevent further hearing loss progression. It’s required to pay attention in daily life for hearing conservation. First of all, try to prevent yourself from exposing under loud noises over a long period. Wear hearing protection, anti-noises earplugs, e.g., where there’re constantly noises in the environment you live. Secondly, avoid consuming the drugs containing the following chemicals, such as aminoglycoside, Salicylic acid, Loop diuretics. These drugs could cause huge damage to ears. Smokers usually inhale a great deal of Nicotine and Nicotine will cause damage to the ears. Drinkers should be careful as well since the alcohol will prevent the hair cells in the ears from getting sufficient oxygen supply and lead to damage on the Auditory Cortex for hearing loss. Exercising is a good cure to keep hearing well. Exercise could accelerate blood circulation, thus people who constant moderate physical activities bear lower risk on the hearing loss. On the contrary, the ones without exercising regularly would face more severe hearing loss. Consume food containing rich Vitamin C more in the daily diet. Vegetables and fruits contain rich Vitamin C not only protect hearing but also take in other nutrition that human body needs. Select an excellent headphone can also do good on hearing care. Fulicare P103 Headphone comes with hearing care function. The smart volume system could adjust volume control smartly and equipped with excellent with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology while enjoy the music.